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Anabelle Rondon is a creative and one day hopes to officially become an interior stylist and home stager. With her teammate Jose Daniel, they are raising a proud Latina girl, their world, Penelope.

Anabelle is a multidimensional Latina. She has chosen to embrace every part of her multi-dimensional self. Anabelle has explored her personality in all of its layers like flipping through the pages of a newly printed book: every page is different, and some chapters can even stand on their own, but they all contribute to the whole. Her creativity, unique beauty, willpower, Dominican humor, confidence, work ethic, determination to get things done and bring life to her crazy ideas– are the vehicle that allows her to live fully with a deep experience. She is all about the experiences and genuine connections. 

During the day, Anabelle is a strategic and passionate advocate for diverse and inclusive civic engagement driving community change in Massachusetts. She has over 15 years of experience organizing communities to effectively engage in the creation of vibrant places policies that center the communities they will impact. Anabelle plays many roles close to her heart, all focused on the power of networks and building community. Housing advocacy is an anchor interest in her career. She has helped cultivate a network of over 2,000+ community champions statewide who mobilize and take action not only on state legislature but also locally. Anabelle has also elevated the need for field professionals to play a role in helping to dismantle their own legacy of institutional racism and community segregation.

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